Pre rally info

Pre Rally at Åland, Finland
July 27th  29thfrom Turku or from Grislehamn (Sweden)

27.7. From Turku(Finland): Boat company TallinkSilja to Maarianhamina starts at 8.15, incl.buffet lunch
kl 11.00.
You have to be on the harbour at least 1,5 hours before departure. Latest 6.45 in the
in the morning. Linnankatu 91, Turku.
On the harbour, there is one from WIMA Finland to whom you have to sign in.
Sailing time 5 hours + 20 minutes. Arrival time to Maarianhamina 13.35.

From Grisslehamn(Sweden)  Boat company: Eckeröline to Eckerö, Åland at 10.00. excl lunch.
You have to be on the harbour at least 1 hour before departure. Latest 9.00 in the morning.
Skatuddsvägen 13, Grisslehamn
On the harbour, there is one from WIMA Finland to whom you have to sign in.
Sailing time is two hours. Boat is at Eckerö 13.00 finish time.
From Eckerö to Maarianhamina  is 35 km.

Accommodation 1, July 27th– 28th  Övernäsgården.
Östernäsvägen 5, 22100 MARIEHAMN (about 2 km from Marianhamina centrum). Incl. breakfast, sheets and towels.

Bus transport to Vikingmarket (festival) leaves at 15.30from Övernäsgården. Incl bus and tickets to the vikingmarket place.
Bus from Vikinmarket back to Övernäsgården leaves at 20.00 Incl.

28.7 Boat from Hummelvik to Torsholma, boat starts at 12.00. 
You should be on the harbour at least 15 min before departure.
 FromMaarianhamina to Hummelvik (harbour) about 50 km to drive, 1 hour 15 minutes.
Sailing time Hummelvik – Torsholma is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Accomodation 2, July 28th– 29th
Hotell och Restaurang Gullvivan, Björnholma, 22920 Brandö. Incl dinner, breakfast, sheets and   towels.
About 15 min to drive from Torsholma to Hotel.
Dinner is at 18.00 at hotel.

29.7 Boat Åva-Osnäs (Vuosnainen)8.45.
        You should be on the harbour at least 15 min before departure.
The boat is at Vuosnainen 9.25. From Vuosnainen it takes about two hours to drive to the camp site.
We open reception to the rally site at 15.00. If you came earlier, camping cafe is open to everybody.

All boat tickets, buss, vikingmarket tickets, accommodations and breakfasts, Saturday dinner and lunch on the boat Turku-Maarianhamina includes the prize.

If you have something to tie your motorbike at the boat take it with, there is not enough for everybody.


Pre Rally

We will have a pre rally, 27.-29.7.2018.  It is going to be at Åland, an island between Finland and Sweden. The journey is starting from Turku 27.7. at the morning there is a boat to Mariehamn where is Viking market event (friday 27.7). You can all so come from Sweden from Grisleham to Eckerö, Åland by boat and join to the pre rally there friday 27.7. or at the morning at saturday 28.7. Journey is continuing by boats to the next island where will be owenight place and sunday again by boats to the Vuosnainen, west from Turku. There could be some changes, this is the first plan. 🙂

Getting started

Hi everyone, this is the orgateam of WIMA Rally 2018. We will be posting news updates from the process and tips to help you with your travel plans. 

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