WIMA Finland welcomes you with your family or friend to the WIMA Rally in Finland from July 30th to August 4th 2018. The rally is held at Parainen in the Soliden’s campsite, about 20 km from Turku.

It is possible to arrive from 15:00 at Sunday July 29th 2018.
Departure is at the latest 12:00 Saturday August 4th 2018

At the camp site you can buy bar snacks.


Download the more detailed program of the rally here.

Tap water is drinkable everywhere in Finland.

Use GREEN GUN ”98″ or ”95” for filling up the tank at the petrol/gas station. 


Keep safe distance to the vehicle in front and pay attention to the speed limits.

BE AWARE OF MITES a.k.a TICS and how to treat them correctly.

ALCOHOL can be bought at ALKO and general stores ONLY from 9 AM until 9 PM. Don’t worry, bars stay open late.

Internet is dirt cheap in Finland.

112 is the general emergency number.


General emergency number is 112 for all emergencies.

State your name, tell where you are and describe the emergency. 

Internet and calling

Buy prepaid internet at R-kioski and some grocery stores. Ask for ”ELISA PREPAID”, ”SAUNALAHTI PREPAID”, ”DNA PREPAID” or ”TELIA PREPAID”. Using Internet on mobile in Finland is very cheap and the networks are fast. You can buy data only prepaid or with call packet. Please ask at the store.

Public transportation and taxi

Getting around in HELSINKI and AIRPORT please use

Taxi is bit pricey and you might want to compare for the prices. For the comparison the taxi from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to railway station cost around 40 €.

The trains P and I run from and to airport. Ticket must be bought in advance from ticket vending machine at the station. Ticket cost 5 €. Recommended use of trains: 

I train Airport – Helsinki city

P train Helsinki city – Airport

Shops and ALKO

Most common grocery stores are S-market and K-market. 

You can buy low alcohol (max 5.5%) from any grocery stores and kiosks (e.g. R-kioski) with alcohol sales license. 

If you want to buy wine or stronger alcohol than 5.5% you must always shop at ALKO!

Generally shops are open from 9 am to 9 pm. 

Cigarettes can be bought at vast majority of shops but you must ask for your package. Law states that the cigarette products cannot be on display.


Traffic is right hand side traffic. Remember that roundabout is counterclockwise. You must indicate when EXITING the roundabout. You don’t need to indicate inside the roundabout. There are many equal junctions. Note that you must give way to traffic from right unless they are bound to give way by the “give way” traffic sign or “stop” sign. 

Riding in town is indicated with this sign. The speed limit is 50 km/h or 31 mph. General speed limit is 80 km/h or 50 mph. Please keep speed limits. If you want to know what traffic camera looks like in Finland you can check here:

Natural hazards and dangerous species

Finland doesn’t have extreme conditions in the summertime. 

There is one dangerous viper snake in Finland. If you get bitten by this snake you need to take the antidote. You can buy tablets from any pharmacy and some grocery stores. The snake bite is more dangerous to children and older people. This snake is very rare. Best way to prevent snake bite is to always use high boots when walking in the forest. 

Bees and wasps are very dangerous in high numbers. If you get may bites go to the hospital immediately. Don’t touch any bee or wasp nests. Bee and wasp nests are very rare in nature but they can be find in covered places such as inside terrace roofs or on the ground.

Mite or tick is to be taken seriously. They carry Lyme disease that cause severe symptoms. If you discover a tick you must remove it correctly. Please see video here: 

The personnel at the camping area have special tick tweezers and knowledge about how to remove the tick. To prevent tick bites use long pants and high shoes in grass and woods. Use pesticides. In Finland you can buy “OFF!” or ”Free” branded pesticides with DEET to prevent ticks and mosquitoes.

Petrol/gas station

The green gun is petrol/gasoline, black gun is diesel. Green 98 octane is recommended for motorcycles. Green 95 can be used in motorcycles too. Do not use blue gun E85 or RE85 ethanol based fuels!

If you pay on credit card at the automat you must allow a reserve, e.g. 40€ from your credit card. After refill only the amount used will be credited from your card. 

There are stand alone petrol stands and service stations. Stand alone petrol stands accept cash and credit card. Service stations are self service except SHELL which has refill service at daytime.

If you prefer to pay with cash at the cashier at the service staton, select the tank with text ”KASSA” or ”KÄTEINEN”. Note that some tanks are not running unless you ask from the cashier.

Roadside assistance

If you need road assistance call WIMA Finland emergency team number. General roadside assistance is +358-200 8080 or from Finnish phone number 0200 8080.

Every citizen’s right

In Finland there is special law which allows to trek in forest and collect berries and mushrooms. You can also fish with rod only by paying small fishing fee. If you want to fish, ask more details from WIMA staff. You can buy all fishing licenses here:

Avoid staying in vicinity of family houses. Keep all animals in their natural habitat and avoid causing any disturbance to the animals. Every citizen’s right does not allow to collect or fall trees. Do NOT litter! You can carry your rubbish as you could carry. You cannot make fireplace unless permitted.


Distances from the campsite:

Nearest supermarket/gas station/alcohol shop 1 km
Parainen centrum 1,7 km
Hotel Kalkstrand 2,3 km
City of Turku 23,7 km
Helsinki the Capital city of Finland 175 km


WIMA member                                                       not WIMA member
Camping/caravan:                250€ *                           300€ *
Bed in the cottage:                330€ *                           380€ *
Rental sheets and towel:     10€                                10€
Tent set:                                  100€                              100€

*Incl. breakfasts, electricity, dinners at Monday and Friday, program on the rally site.

Registering to rally is done only through WIMA presidents. If you are not yet a member of WIMA and wish to attend the rally, check if your country has its own club that you could use for registering to rally. If there is no WIMA club in your country, feel free to contact some other country president.

Registrations are sent by email at the latest 20.2.2018 to by every country’s presidents. There is enough place to camp (max 500 persons). So if somebody wants to make a registration later, it is possible, just contact

Every cottage has a fridge and a bed blanket and a pillow.
There is possibility to have a sleeping place in the army tent (fee is the same than camping), put your wish to the Registration form’s column Extra info.

There is few small cottages for three persons, it is possible to rent them for two for 50€ extra fee, for example male and female couples, who has a reason to sleep inside.

Want to stay in a hotel instead of Solliden Camping?

At the hotel Kalstrand ( we have special prices (use discount code: WIMA) for double room 86€ and single room 68€/night. Hotel Kalstrand is situated 2,3km from Solliden Camping. Use the code WIMA, when doing the reservation before the end of the May. If you choose to stay in a hotel you have to pay the camping fee as well to participate the rally.

Something about the program:

Pre rally at island Åland  from Friday to Sunday July 27th  29th
Welcome-dinner with program at Monday
Bus-Boat-Bus trip to Naantali-Turku *, orientation tour, games, wood workshop, karaoke, disco, etc… during the week
Show evening (free stage) and WIMA Finland’s 25 years party on Thursday
Parade to Turku, farewell night, dinner and program at Friday

How to come to Finland:

-Thru Baltic countries, by boat from Tallin
-From Travemünde (Germany) by boat to Helsinki
-Thru Sweden to Marienhamn, Åland (needs boat to the main land), Turku or Helsinki
By plane to Helsinki
Our own customer code 57093 (WIMA Finland) gives some discount to SiljaTallink boat trips.

Rent a motorbike from Finland through WIMA Finland (deal with Tuusmotors) 15 km from Helsinki airport. Fill your interest to the registration form and we will contact you.

Check out more tips for travellers from The Official Travel Guide of Finland: